Our Services

Our Services

Earth Imaging, Inc., (EII) offers a full range of systems integration, software development and engineering capabilities in applied geosciences and exploration geophysics. EII’s expertise include the design and deployment of small and large-scale geophysical monitoring systems as well as hardware and software integration, and data processing. Our novel use of Seismic Emission Tomography and proprietary geophysical imaging techniques effectively characterize the site lithology to help optimize the output for geological applications.In exploration geology, our imaging techniques have been used to facilitate the identification of permeability fields for optimizing output from geothermal, hydrocarbon, and mining resources.

In science and academia, our services have been used worldwide for natural hazard and nuclear test monitoring and alert systems through global seismic networks.

Frac Monitoring

EII’s monitoring services will provide our clients with 2 stages of delivery. If you opt to use the real time remote acquisition system of our seismic hardware partner, EII will provide both in-situ real time monitoring of medium sized events (SNR > 1) and will post process that data using our proprietary Statistically Optimal (SO) processing to delivery the source locations and mechanisms for the micro-seismic events.

If your network monitoring is not collected in real time in the field, EII is still happy to provide both or either service via off site post processing.

Pre-Frac Survey

EEI’s techniques can be used to provide site characterization surveys in advance of drilling and fracking. EII’s high-resolution technique provides our clients with reliable cost effective survey execution options.

Generation of Velocity Model

EII’s seismic experts can generate 1D or 3D velocity models for a given site by performing Tomographic Inversions on raw seismic data and performation and other calibration shots. To ensure greatest accuracy EII suggests that our Seismic Network Design services are utilized in order to ensure that the highest quality data set is acquired prior to the determination of the Velocity Model.

Continuous Real Time Monitoring

With over 20 years of experience with real time seismic monitoring, EII’s staff can install, configure and maintain continuous real time monitoring systems. As experts in seismic monitoring using the US Government’s Earthworm Seismic Monitoring system and coupled with our proprietary techniques and EZW web tools, EII can meet all your exploration and regulatory monitoring needs.

EII’s provides this service for reservoir production facilities, monitoring of sub-surface mines, geothermal production facilities and carbon sequestration sites.

Reprocessing of Micro Seismic Data

The SO technique we use can easily be used for post processing data previously acquired. Please ask us for a quote for our post processing services.

Seismic Network Design

With over 20 years of experience in the worlds of Earthquake Seismology and Nuclear Test Monitoring, EII’s team of geophysicists can provide the critical Seismic Network Design services that are required to ensure that the data recorded in the field have the capability to capture all needed information. EII will help you with everything from sensor and data-logger selection to network/array layout and design to identifying the optimal acquisition parameters (sample rates, filters, sensitivities, etc.).